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by drunkpig14 at 11:06 PM
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Hey Guys!
The server is almost ready to be opened to the public. There are still a few minor problems which need to be worked out. Anyway, I need a few people to go online and play like you normally would and report any problems you encounter. If you want to be a beta tester please respond to this post using the following format:

MC User Name:

Rank on Server (If remembered):

Around how long have you have been a member of Blaizecraft:

I will add you to the whitelist and inbox you on the forums if you are chosen.

Also, some worlds are not loaded on the server anymore so some of your homes/warps may be missing. We will be transferring these builds when the time comes.

by drunkpig14 at 8:22 PM
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Hey Guys!
So... it's been a while, but the Creative server is almost back up! Blaize and I have been very busy with work (~10 hours a day, five days a week) and school which made it almost impossible to get the server updated. Anyway, I have been working on updating the server for the past few weeks and it is almost done. Here's a list of what I still need to do. If access stays online, I might be able to finish updating it this weekend.

  • Config files
  • Plugins left to add:
    • Log Block
    • World Guard
    • CommandHelper
  • World Names
  • Donator Ranks
Daily Updates:
Wednesday (July 31st, 2013):
Server access not working. Server was rebooted yesterday and all external access is down.

Thursday (August 1st, 2013):
Config files for EntityManager, WorldEdit, and NoCheatPlus finished.

Friday (August 2nd, 2013):
Added LogBlock, WorldGuard, and...
by blaize9 at 11:25 PM
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Over the past 3 days I have spent countless hours working on the server and the back end of things, fixing every problem that arises now it's my turn to hand the rest of it to the staff.

Server Updates:
Creative Server: Working, just need someone in the staff to make sure all the settings are correct.
FTB Server: Everything works!
Teamspeak Server: Hmm yup updated, tested, looks like its working.
by blaize9 at 11:24 PM
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Teamspeak server is now running!
I will be spending this sunday configuring and installing the rest of the required software, It should all be running before monday.
by blaize9 at 7:26 PM
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Hey guys this weekend I will be doing the yearly server maintenance, I should be done within 24-48 hrs. Then everything should be operating normally.
by SimplisticX2 at 6:44 PM
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Hey Guys, ​
As you know the Creative server was never updated to 1.5.1 before 1.5.2 came out, and you can now see neither of the 2 servers are updated to 1.5.2. I would just like to let you know I am doing all I can to get the servers updated as soon as I can. Expect SMP to be updated before the weekend, but creative will take longer because we must rely on developers updating their plugins.​
Thanks for bearing with us.​
- SMP and Creative Mods​
by blaize9 at 4:43 PM
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Over the past week I have spent hours and hours of my time to optimize and redo the entire forums. You most likely have noticed one of the big changes it the theme, your account is non-existent, and there are almost no posts on the forums.

This was for the greater good since we will be undergoing some major changes when we update the server to 1.5, and we want more of your input and not just a few admins deciding the future.