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by drunkpig14 at 8:54 PM
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Hey everyone,
It's been a long time since the last announcement. For a while now our user population has dropped to almost nobody, besides the occasional staff logging on and random users. As Minecraft continues to update we will try to continue to update the server to allow users with the newest client versions to connect. Besides that, no further updates will be made to anything else in regards to the Blaizecraft Network. If you have questions feel free to comment here or find us on TeamSpeak3 @

The Blaizecraft staff wish everyone a Happy Holidays!

- The Blaizecraft Staff (Super Mega Overlord9, SimplisticX2, drunkpig14)
by SimplisticX2 at 8:29 AM
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The Official Blaizecraft Vote Page ( has been updated. Please use that page when voting for Blaizecraft.

Hey Blaizecraft,
I am proud to announce that we have implemented Votifier into The Blaizecraft Network. This will allow you to better track your votes, be notified when you vote, and RECEIVE REWARDS for voting. This is being implemented to help drive the number of vote we receive each month up to help create a more enjoyable playing environment. To use votifier all you need to do is vote like normal on the websites that support our votifier network. The websites listed below support votifier on Blaizecraft (Click to follow each link):

(Click these below)
- Minecraft-Servers-List
- MinecraftServers (.org)
by Rick Astley at 9:50 PM
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Yes, as you saw by the title, the modded SMP is back! Again...
As of right now I have assembled all the mods for the client and it is ready to distribute. Visit the following links for information on how to install the mod pack, and to apply for the modded SMP beta.
Beta Application:
Server IP:

With this new version of the Blaizecraft Modded SMP running on 1.7.10, many changes have been made from the original. The pack is designed to improve the overall appeal of Minecraft survival multiplayer without severely impacting the performance of the game. Below is some information on what mods I have included, and what mods I plan to have included in the next updates of the pack.

Tree Capitator
Zan's Minimap
Code Chicken Core
by drunkpig14 at 5:27 PM
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Hello everyone,
All servers have been updated.
Since this update introduces new blocks to the world, the idea of resetting the SMP map and Factions map comes into question. Please vote on the following poll.

I am in the process of updating the servers to 1.8.6.
Current progress:

SkyBlock -- DONE
SkyGrid -- DONE
SMP -- DONE -- Map has been RESET
Factions -- DONE -- Map has been RESET
Hub -- DONE
Creative -- DONE

Thank You!
by blaize9 at 1:16 AM
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I'm sorry everyone but Blaizecraft will no longer be hosting servers any more. Due to the decreasing player & staff, I have decided to shut down the server in 1 month. Please take pictures or videos of your builds as you will no longer have access to them in 1 month.
If you are against the shutdown please submit a voice command reply and we will take it into consideration.
Thanks everyone, It has been a great 5 years hopefully I can meet you in the afterlife.

yes this was an april fools joke.
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by drunkpig14 at 11:33 PM
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Hey Everyone!
I have some bad news, currently the Factions server and SkyBlock server are down. The Factions server has randomly decided not to work anymore and SkyBlock has major memory/java problems which causes the other servers to break. I am not sure when the servers will be fixed as Simp and I are busy with school.

[Edit] (11pm EST - 3/23/14) Thanks to work by drunkpig and some testing by me, both servers are currently back up for stability testing. Both the servers are public and open, so feel free to play on them, just be aware that there is a small chance the servers may crash and/or become laggy. With that please be aware that if the server does in fact crash, the last 1-10 minutes of work may be lost. -Simp
by SimplisticX2 at 12:14 PM
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Hey Guys,
Many of you have asked for a Sky Grid server, and we listened. I am proud to introduce Blaizecraft Sky Grid Beta!!! Just like the Sky Block Beta, this beta is open for everyone! To join just enter the portal in the HUB or type /server skygrid on any on the Blaizecraft Network servers.

-Blaizecraft Staff

If you find any bugs, please report them here
by SimplisticX2 at 8:06 PM
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Hey guys,
Today we launched our open sky block beta! If you are looking to play find the portal in the Hub and get building! No application required this time! Although please log in with your client set to minecraft 1.8 since it only allows plays running 1.8 or higher. Play on!
-Blaizecraft Staff

Please report any bugs found on the server HERE
by SimplisticX2 at 3:34 PM
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The year 2014 has been a great year for us here at Blaizecraft, throughout the year we have made many upgrades to our server like Factions and the HUB. Even with all the great changes that have come to our server, the best thing about 2014 for us was you, the community! If it wasn't for you guys Blaizecraft would not be what it is today, thank you! With that we want to wish you a great 2015, lets make it as great at 2014!

-Blaizecraft Staff
by SimplisticX2 at 9:48 PM
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When you get a chance take a moment and say congrats to SomebodyButMe and Zorgonica28 who are two most recently promoted staff members! SomebodyButMe is joining the Moderation team of Gaspar445, Mikis1524, and TWWAE. Zorgonica28 will be joining himself as the only current member of the Enforcing team. If you have any questions feel free to ask Zorg or SomebodyButMe or any of the other staff members. Build on!