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Official About the Sky Block server

Discussion in 'About Our Servers' started by Blaizecraft, Jan 13, 2015.

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    The Blaizecraft Skyblock server is for competing to level-up and meet pre-set challenges in survival mode, starting with extremely limited resources.

    You will start on a floating island with a chest containing your starting equipment and resources, a tree and a cow.
    The Skyblock server runs in a low difficulty mode, which means zombies will not break your wooden doors and you will not die from starvation when you reach that last half-a-heart. However, mobs will not spawn until you have expanded to create a reasonable quantity of unlit land.
    You can request to teleport to other players' islands with /tpa.
    Each island is inherently protected by the Skyblock plugin. There are commands to invite other players to team on a single island, and to give visitors temporary access to your island's resources.
    You get a single island. If you mess up or fall off with precious resources you can reset your island, but only up to a maximum of 4 times.
    Use the "/is" command to access the Skyblock commands, e.g. "/is challenges" to view and/or claim the pre-set challenges, or "/is level" to update your island's current level.
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