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Blaizecraft Modded SMP Installation *CURRENT*

Discussion in 'Guides | Tutorial | Support | Suggestions' started by Rick Astley, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. Rick Astley

    Rick Astley The Blaizecraft Network - Admin Staff Member

    With the distribution of the updated modded SMP client, you may need to know how to install it using MultiMC.
    MultiMC is a launching platform that allows you to create, import, and run different instances of Minecraft with different mods installed.
    MultiMC Download:
    Blaizecraft Modded SMP Client:!TZJQTaaS!-H4oxePdMZvyWJI3ykKbg1_Lqegd7rE0ABg5Hs9vFyk
    Alternate Download: Pack
    Server IP:

    This version of the pack contains Optifine Lite, Standard, and Ultra. To switch between them, right click the pack and click edit instance, go to loader mods, and find the version of Optifine you want and check it. Make sure to have only one version of Optifine selected and running.

    Once you have both of those downloaded, drag MultiMC into the folder you would like it to be installed. Once you have done that, double click the application and go through the steps of installation.
    Once MultiMC is installed, navigate to the MultiMC folder and locate the application named MultiMC and run it. If you have multiple versions of Java installed with different architecture, a dialogue box may come up asking you to select your version of Java. Personally, I use the Java version with 64 bit architecture, but if you find that to be buggy, select the version of Java with 32 bit architecture.

    Now that you have MultiMC set up, you will have to import the pack. The following steps will tell you how to do so.
    1. Go to the upper left hand corner and click the file icon with a star on it. This will create a new instance of Minecraft. (Your screen may be different from mine, since some of you will be starting without any instances listed below.)
    2. Once the dialogue box appears, select the circle to the left of Import modpack. Select the button with the three periods to select a file to import as your modpack.
    3. Once your file browser has appeared above the MultiMC window, navigate to your downloads folder or whichever folder you saved the modpack to and double click the zip file named Blaizecraft Pack by SgtSarcasm7 - v1.0.
    4. Once the modpack has been selected, choose a name for the instance. You may name it the same as the zip file, or something that you may find more suitable. Click OK once this step is complete.
    5. A dialogue box may appear asking you to select the memory to allocate your instance of the modpack. So far, the default memory has proven to be adequate. If problems relating to memory arise, I will edit this step showing you how to change the allocated memory to the modpack.

    6. Launch the modpack and play! Have fun!
    Note: When you launch, you will notice that a world will be created and you will not be able to do anything. And seriously, do not do anything. That is Mystcraft profiling, let it do that entirely and once it's done the world will be deleted and you will be able to play.

    If you encounter any bugs while using this pack or have any suggestions of mods to include in the pack, make sure to create a thread in the Minecraft - Modded SMP > Guides | Tutorial | Support | Suggestions section of the forum.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2015
  2. Gaspar445

    Gaspar445 The Blaizecraft Network - Mod Staff Member

  3. pmme

    pmme The Blaizecraft Network - Admin Staff Member

  4. Rick Astley

    Rick Astley The Blaizecraft Network - Admin Staff Member

    Ah, yes. I'll be releasing a new version with a couple new mods, possible config changes, and performance enhancements. Once that comes out, the .zip should be cleaned up a bit too.

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