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Important! Blaizecraft Modded SMP Revival and Rules!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kirimato, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. Kirimato

    Kirimato Modded SMP Co-Owner | Modpack Creator | Staff Member

    So within the last few weeks, Blaize and I been working to re-innovate the Old FTB Server (Since it has been dead for about a couple months).
    We decided to get the server back up, but as the name Blaizecraft-FTB seemed a little old for the server, and since this is pretty much a rervival of the server; we decided to re-brand the server temporarily as InfiniBlankkit.
    We did get the server up a week or so ago, and it is working perfect. Except for a few bug-fixes that can be easily be patched.
    We will be implementing new ideas and functions to further improve the server; through the use of plugins and new mods.
    So Whats New?
    We have updated to Minecraft Version 1.5.2 and will be using a custom pack that is catered specifically to the Blaizecraft members that like both Tech and RPG Elements. The new Custom Modpack is a Techworld Based with innovative RPG Elements to enhance game-play and replay ability.
    The Current Modlist and possible Mod Additions can be found Here.
    As of right now, this Modpack will NOT be available on the FTB Launcher or any other Launcher. There is a reason for that. For the past week or so, Blaize has setup a fully functional Custom Launcher for the server.
    What if I want a FTB/Other Port of the Modpack?
    There will also be NO MultiMC/FTB/Technic Versions of the Modpack in the future. The only time we will port it to the other launchers is when there is enough people requesting it. If we do decide to port it to the other launchers; our own custom launcher will have top priority on updates, while FTB/Other will have lower priorities. So don't expect to have updates to the others as often as our custom launcher.
    Are there any changes to the server?
    We have also changed some requirements for our server.​
    1. There Will be NO minimum age. So players of all ages will be able to join our server.
    2. There will be brand new rules with regarding the new age limit. They will be described later down the road on the Forum and on the Server.
    3. You will still be required to Join our Teamspeak for the 10-20 Min Get to know you Session. This will only be a one-time thing. After this, it is not a requirement to join Teamspeak whenever you log into the server.
    Some requirements will still be in effect, such as:​
    1. The application process will still be the same as outlined in Fiya's How to Apply.
    2. You must be able to join Teamspeak whenever one of the staffs requests you to.
    3. You must be able to Communicate properly and proficiently to staff and other members.
    If you have any questions or concerns, Private Message me and I will answer your questions to the best of my ability.
    If you want to help us get this server all fixed up and ready for launch. Just PM either Me (Kirimato) or Super Mega Overlord9. One of us will provide you with the link to the custom launcher.

    Hope to see you on the server,
    Co-Owner of Blaizecraft Modded SMP and Modpack Creator

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