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Hannibal_Smith's Second Ban Appeal (Don't Worry I will go Until Three Tries)

Discussion in 'FTB Ban Appeal' started by Hannibal_Smith, Apr 10, 2013.


Should Smith be unbanned.

  1. Yes, he did a better job!

    1 vote(s)
  2. No, your a dick!

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  1. Hello, there and you may remember me from my last and bad ban appeal. So let me just cut straight to the point. (Ooh, now my enter key works -_-)

    I think you should let me back into the server because of these reasons. First, I want to have a great time and learn about FTB. Secondly, I want to enjoy my time and play with my friend (Carlos). Lastly, Age...

    So, I want to have a good time, well isn't that the point of video games, to have a fun time and play with your friends? Well anyway, that's why I play video games. Studies show that people who play video games are more relaxed after some time than if they didn't play them. It's like watching TV, you wind down. I also want to learn about FTB. There is so much in this pack (91 Mods :/). Each very complex and very interesting and unique among themselves. I don't know a lot and the wiki is crap-ass when it comes to getting information about each of these different mods. For example, if I looked up MMM Power-Suits, it will give me a description of the mod, and down below links to the different parts of the mod. Still don't want to unban me? Keep reading!

    Secondly, I enjoy playing with my friends. Me, Joker, Batman, and xXEpiczXx (Carlos) have been together for the past 3 months on a voltz server. I knew that it was only going to be a matter of time before we got found out so I looked for another server as backup incase we got found out and blew up. My suspicions were correct and we got blown up, less than a week, by all the admins. (Pictures will be put in TS on request) They were getting ready to transition over, but I couldn't because I broke the rules. (Quite an achievement to get banned that fast :/) For instance, how would you feel if the whole server was blown up, and all of your hard work went to hell and you didn't make any backups? We spent the last month working on that voltz base. Just to see it gone... very heart breaking. Still not thinking of unbanning me? Well read the conversational part.

    Lastly, the age rule... I was quite wrong in breaking that rule. But at the time, you were (and still are) the best server out there. I couldn't find another one, so i'm like screw this and I joined knowing that I was under the age limit at 16. (and this time I am telling the truth). I know lying sucks, because I have never been able to master it. I am only good at telling the truth. I don't enjoy not following the rules. But I was running out of time and chances. I needed to act and fast, so I decided to join you guys. For a fact, many people will not display their age real age on the internet for the fear of someone being prejudice to them.

    I really hope the staff at Blaizecraft unban me. I would really enjoy it (don't forget TS, I am using Hotspot Shield >:). I don't know if you should or not, I just hope so!
  2. SimplisticX2

    SimplisticX2 The Blaizecraft Network - Head Admin Staff Member

    I am not a FTB mod but I am and Admin on the Blaizecraft Freebuild and SMP server and I know for a fact that the FTB division of Blaizecraft takes a no tolerance policy on their server because of the low amount of open spots and the high about of applicants. That being said I do not think you will be unbanned from the FTB server (That is up to the FTB mods not me) and if you do create a 3rd ban appeal your account will be banned from all Blaizecraft affiliated servers and websites.
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  3. Kirimato

    Kirimato Modded SMP Co-Owner | Modpack Creator | Staff Member

    As Simplistic said, we are a zero tolerance server. We do not care if you try to argue with us. The ban is FINAL. If you decide to make a third ban appeal, good luck. I already denied you once, don't think that a second ban appeal with buttered up words will make me feel pity for you.

    Let me take parts of this appeal and break it down and show you how much bullshit you tried to spew upon us.

    Paragraph 1:
    Oh you want to have fun? We all want to have fun too! But we can't because we have to babysit and keep surveillance on an idiot that has a smartass attitude and likes to grief maliciously. Refer to when I first pitched you the server on the Minecraft forums.
    You say you want to learn more about mods. If I recall exactly, you were asking for items within the first hour of you playing on our server. "Does anyone have any bombs that I can have?" "Can someone make me a power suit?" "Really? I have to make it myself?"
    Our server is really generous to our newcomers and try to help in a way that doesn't take the fun out of minecraft. We give the resources needed to make them but they make it on their own. We do not cater to lazy fucks like you.

    Paragraph 2: You say that you spent 3 months on a server only to get your stuff blown up. Big deal, that happens to EVERYONE! Shake it off and start again. That's the beauty of minecraft. If things don't go your way, work around it. I have had my house/base/factory/city on blaizecraft ftb destroyed three times. I don't let it get to me. I would have to say that I'm glad that my area got destroyed three time, because I have way better ideas than I had in the past. It motivates me to strive for a higher goal in this server.

    Paragraph 3: Age. I have already discussed this in your last ban appeal. You lied about your age and you agreed to be liable if you were caught breaking any of our zero tolerance rules. If you were truthful before you were caught for lying, we might have been a bit more leniant on you. But you still carried through that lie until I did background research on you. (Hint Hint: Everyone goes through background checks after they join the server so that we see if they are lying or not.)
    If you were so desperate in finding a server and didn't want to follow our rules we set up, MAKE your own server. Out of your own money, out of your own time.You can set your own rules and nobody can object to it.
    Quoting your sentence from ban appeal 1: "People that tell their age on the internet are idiots." And quote from this post: "I didn't want to tell my age because of people being prejudice to me."
    Dude don't you know that we are a WHITELISTED server? If people are able to join the server, why should we be prejudiced against them about about their age? They did the proper requirements to join our server, and we congratulate them for passing the application process.
    Have we ever once on this server made a prejudice on anyone because of their age? No we haven't.
    We have fun trolling based on where we live and what nationality we are, because we can handle a joke.

    So basically all of your arguments are null and void. You are just pulling blank shots Hannibal. Neither this or your future appeal attempts will not go through.
    If you do make another one, you can wave all blaizecraft affiliated servers and websites goodbye.
    I hope this will be our last conversation Hannibal.

    Good bye and don't come back.

    -- Kirimato [Moderator of Blaizecraft FTB]
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