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News! Server Maintenance - Update #1

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by blaize9, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. blaize9

    blaize9 Blaizecraft Owner Staff Member

    Teamspeak server is now running!
    I will be spending this sunday configuring and installing the rest of the required software, It should all be running before monday.
  2. pmme

    pmme The Blaizecraft Network - Admin Staff Member

    Awesome thx!
  3. blaize9

    blaize9 Blaizecraft Owner Staff Member

    There was some problems around midnight with some system files, for some reason they were placed on a different drive then the root drive.

    I spent the past 3 hrs fixing and repairing this problem, but with setbacks come more setbacks. I will be pushing back the Minecraft servers by 1 day to finish setting them up.

  4. blaize9

    blaize9 Blaizecraft Owner Staff Member

    Update #2: Server looks like its working good, but I did not have time to configure the other hard drive for backups so I don't want the server to be on without it. I should get this all operational some time today.

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