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Update! The Accelerated Server News Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kirimato, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. Kirimato

    Kirimato Modded SMP Co-Owner | Modpack Creator | Staff Member

    Sorry for the long downtime for the server.
    I have recently gotten my PC back and I am in full gear. (ABOUT TIME!)
    I will now have more time to work on the server with the new updates and bug fixes.

    When is the update rolling out?
    I will guarantee that the v1.1 update will roll out this weekend, this will also apply to the server as well. The latest it will come out will be Sunday.
    This update will add some useful mods, bug fixes, and new things to play with.

    Will we lose any of our progress?
    There will still be minor testing to see if we are able to successfully convert the old world to the new update.
    Due to some mods completely re-writing their mods *Cough* Magical Crops/JABBA/Etc *Cough*, we have no idea on how much consequences they will have when we convert the world.
    So be aware that worst-case scenario, there will be a world wipe. But we will allow you to bring your items with you and continue your progress.
    If this ever happens, the Modded SMP staff will explain the procedure on how to successfully store your items for conversion.

    Where are the FTB,ATLauncher, and the Custom Launcher Versions of the pack?
    If we are lucky, I will be able to submit a private pack request to the FTB Launcher and the ATLauncher to make the pack more accessible to our members, instead of having to use MultiMC all the time.
    This will also enable us to start working on the custom launcher.
    Take note that the custom launcher will have priority updates over FTB and ATLauncher.
    These Launcher versions will be done as soon as possible.

    If any of you have any inquiries and/or questions, leave them down below.
  2. I got only one question.
    Why are you guys so awesome?

  3. Kirimato

    Kirimato Modded SMP Co-Owner | Modpack Creator | Staff Member

    UPDATE: Due to the world being incapable of handling the new update, We will be REQUIRING a world wipe.
    In order to get this server back ASAP.
    The staff will manually storing everyone's items.
    When You spawn in the new world, one of the staff will direct you to your chest with all your items.

    Emergency NOTICE: Due to too many items conflicting and crashes trying to store everything, Items will not be carried over sadly.

    We will provide previous players a booster pack when they join the server.
    The booster pack will include;
    • Basic machines in one mod you desire.
    • Donator tokens for our soon to release Kits.
    • Tools/Armour to get started.
    • Lucky Blocks (There will be a special list variant of Lucky blocks so you get more rewards)
    • Ores
    • More to come.
    Beta-Testers will still be able to claim their respective Beta-Packs.
    We are sincerely sorry for having to wipe the world, but it is the only way to get the update to work.
    In further updates, we will prevent this from happening ever again.

    The Staff at Blaizecraft
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2014
  4. Kirimato

    Kirimato Modded SMP Co-Owner | Modpack Creator | Staff Member

    Thank you for waiting, The Accelerated Pack has now been officially updated to V1.1
    The staff will be handing out the link to the pack.
  5. Can you pm me it, youre nawt on when I am : (
  6. The server has been down for a long time, i think they canceled it.
  7. Still kicking or old news?
  8. drunkpig14

    drunkpig14 The Blaizecraft Network - Head Admin Staff Member

    You are going to have to try and direct message Kiri. He hasnt been on in a while so I have not heard any news about the server.

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