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The Public Factions Exp Farm!

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by cake_zero, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. (I was bored so I decided to help teh community)


    All snazzy rainbow text aside, I have built a nice little exp farm at X:125 Z:-1613 for everyone to use. Exp can be hard to get sometimes - you can't always find the mobs you're looking for. So, I created this as a nice little solution. Keep in mind though, that as payment for using this, I keep the mob's dropped items. You get the exp, I and my faction get the items. Sounds like a good deal to me, seeing as though I built it and it took about a double chest of cobblestone!

    Thanks, [CheekPiccadil] cake_zero
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  2. K, nevermind. Trying to be nice didn't pay off - not one bit. Thanks to Zorgonica28, this is now closed. Well done, Zorg. You've helped everyone by doing this.

    All I wanted... was to be friends.
  3. Gaspar445

    Gaspar445 The Blaizecraft Network - Mod Staff Member

    Your world must be crushed right now... almost as if it were global wobbling...

  4. OK. Turns ot, It wasn't zorg. He was just trying to act suspicious.
    It's actually this guy called 'The Flower Thief'. anybody know who it could be? (Might actually be zorg now that I think of it..)

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