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News! Votifier is here!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by SimplisticX2, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. SimplisticX2

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    The Official Blaizecraft Vote Page ( has been updated. Please use that page when voting for Blaizecraft.

    Hey Blaizecraft,
    I am proud to announce that we have implemented Votifier into The Blaizecraft Network. This will allow you to better track your votes, be notified when you vote, and RECEIVE REWARDS for voting. This is being implemented to help drive the number of vote we receive each month up to help create a more enjoyable playing environment. To use votifier all you need to do is vote like normal on the websites that support our votifier network. The websites listed below support votifier on Blaizecraft (Click to follow each link):

    (Click these below)
    - Minecraft-Servers-List
    - MinecraftServers (.org)
    - MinecraftServers (.net)
    - MC-ServerList
    - MineStatus

    This list will soon be distinguished on the vote page to help you more easily find the websites using votifier! Vote on!

    Rewards for voting (In Beta - Please report bugs) (5 votes = voting on every website)(All rewards are in game):
    - SMP = 1 diamond every vote
    - Factions = 1 diamond every vote
    - SkyBlock = $50 every vote (In game money)
    - SkyGrid = $10 every vote (In game money)

    -Blaizecraft Staff
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